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          Nuctech Official Site

          Raman Spectrometer
          NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED offers RT series Raman spectrometer for rapid, accurate identification of unknown liquids and solids such as threat liquids, narcotics and explosives. Based on Raman spectroscopy, RT series Raman spectrometer can analyze the substance in question quickly and provide an immediate, reliable result within 5 seconds typically.
          RT series Raman Spectrometer can be widely applied in transport hubs such as airports, ports and borders as well as important buildings including government buildings, banks, museums and venues for major events like Olympic Games, World Expo, etc. It will play an increasingly important role in security inspection and combating smuggling.
          Technical Features
          • High accurate and flexible identification of a wide range of threat liquids, explosives and narcotics with extensible substance library
          • Analyze and identify substances in 5 seconds typically
          • Non-destructive and Non-radioactive testing
          • Lightweight and ergonomic design
          • Standard USB and Ethernet interface for data transfer and software update
          • Friendly operation based on touch-screen with graphical user interface and minimal training required
          Relevant Products