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          Nuctech Official Site

          Back-Scatter Body Inspection System
          The BX1000 series Body Inspection System is a high-performance and efficient people screening solution designed and manufactured by NUCTECH. It employs the latest ultra low-dose X-ray backscatter imaging technology and a unique X-ray flying spot scanning mechanism. The NUCTECH? BX1000 series ensures high-quality and privacy protected images while providing inspection without physical "pat down". The NUCTECH? BX1000 series can easily find concealed objects and detect non-metal/metal weapons, explosives and drugs hidden under or within clothing. The NUCTECH? BX1000 series is adaptable and suitable for personal security inspections at all airports, stations, Customs, government offices, market places, etc.
          Technical Features
          • Non-contact inspection, high throughput
          • High quality backscattered images, Nonmetal/metal detection
          • Comply with the ANSI N43.17 and IAEA for bystanders and the public dose limitation
          • Unique privacy protection
          • Radioactivity monitoring (RM) function implanted
          • Network data transmission and remote monitoring
          • All the core technologies for the system are owned by NUCTECH
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