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          Nuctech Official Site

          NUCTECH’s Hi-tech Anti-epidemic Products Displayed at the 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo
          The 23rd China Beijing International Hi-tech Expo (CHITEC) kicked off in Beijing on September 17. Based on the theme of “Innovation through Cooperation and Meeting Challenges Together”, the CHITEC and ZGC Forum this year highlighted latest technological developments in the world, focusing on key core technologies and original innovation. As a Chinese high-tech company, NUCTECH participated in the Expo with its comprehensive solutions to the epidemic.
          Facing the need to prevent and control the epidemic, NUCTECH has given full play to its advantages in independent innovation, acted quickly and has successively developed anti-epidemic products for various industries. Applying advanced technologies into epidemic prevention and security inspection, NUCTECH is committed to contributing to the regular epidemic prevention and control in the post-pandemic era.
          At the CHITEC this year, NUCTECH exhibited many anti-epidemic products, such as the FeverBlock Infrared Face Temperature Screening System, temperature metal detector, WESPACE series Mobile Disinfection Machine, WePass series Temperature Access Control System, and the epidemic prevention robot. These products have been successfully put into use in more than ten countries and regions around the world. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, NUCTECH has independently developed the AI-based FeverBlock Infrared Face Temperature Screening System which has been widely used in Customs, civil aviation, rail transit, hospitals, schools and other industries across the world. The P-VEMD platform developed by NUCTECH for Xiamen Customs has further improved the effectiveness of Chinese Customs in preventing and controlling imported cases, and has been selected as the best practice case of global epidemic prevention in international aviation security. To meet the need for a large amount of nucleic acid tests after the second outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing, it only took the R&D team of NUCTECH 72 hours in developing the epidemic sampling units and epidemic detection mobile cabins, and these products have been put into use in such important hospitals as Tsinghua University Hospital and Beijing Anzhen Hospital, which has fully demonstrated the sense of responsibility, mission and ability of Chinese high-tech companies in helping society fight the epidemic.
          In addition, many of NUCTECH’s security inspection products were also exhibited at the Expo, such as Kylin MV X-ray inspection system and vehicle chassis inspection robot. Kylin MV X-ray inspection system adopts the advanced multi-view detection technology which automatically detects such prohibited items as explosives, knives, guns, etc. and triggers alarm. The system has passed the ECAC EDSCB C2 certification and the relevant certifications of the Ministry of Public Security of China. In July 2020, NUCTECH provided Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital with Kylin MV X-ray inspection system, temperature metal detectors and other intelligent security inspection and epidemic prevention solutions, making the one-stop service integrating self-service epidemiological investigation and intelligent temperature measurement and security inspection possible. During the “Two Sessions” of China in 2020, at the parking lot of the delegates’ vehicles in Tian’anmen Square and the checkpoints on the highways into Beijing, the vehicle chassis inspection robots developed by NUCTECH assisted police officers in performing security inspection tasks, so as to ensure security efficiently.
          As of now, many media outlets, such as www.ifeng.com, Economic Daily, BTV, Beijing Daily and Netease News, have covered the anti-epidemic products developed and exhibited by NUCTECH.
          As an extremely influential international hi-tech expo, the CHITEC has been held for 23 sessions so far, and it has always been committed to promoting the transformation of major scientific and technological innovation achievements and international technology transfer. As a pioneer in the global security inspection industry, NUCTECH will continue to commit itself to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, drive development through innovation, and provide smarter, more efficient and reliable comprehensive “epidemic prevention + security inspection” solutions for various industries around the world, and implement its vision of “creating a safer world.”