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          NUCTECH attends the WCO Online Technology Conference (WCO TECH-CON)
          The 2020 WCO Online Technology Conference (WCO TECH-CON) was held successfully from November 11 to 13, 2020. Under the theme Technology for Customs in the time of the epidemic - what we learned, the TECH-CON brought together over 50 prominent speakers from Customs, the private sector, international organizations and academia to engage virtually and discuss many topics of relevance to technological applications, Customs and border management, with the aim of addressing some of the key challenges faced during the crisis, as well as bridging the gap on technology insights for WCO members, sharing effective business solutions, addressing the risks and threats facing Customs of different countries during the epidemic and any similar crisis by leveraging innovative and cutting-edge technologies.
          NUCTECH was invited to attend the conference as a platinum sponsor. On the opening day, Mr. Chen Zhiqiang, Chairman of NUCTECH, had a one-on-one video interview with Frank Heijmann, a senior official from the Customs Administration of the Netherlands. In the video interview, Chairman Chen Zhiqiang highlighted the innovative anti-epidemic solutions developed by NUCTECH’s R&D team on the front line working with clients during the epidemic, such as AI-powered FeverBlock infrared face temperature screening system, a public epidemic quarantine unit named WESPACE, an E-platform named P-VEMD used for managing health-related data of travelers for epidemiological surveys, and disinfection equipment for cold chain products, etc. In addition, Chairman Chen talked about enabling Customs to become more agile and resilient in the face of an uncertain future by using automated inspection equipment and applying AI-driven automated threat detection algorithms. These systems can protect frontline officers with reduced contacts and effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspections. Chairman Chen Zhiqiang pointed out that operational automation and intelligent data analysis would be a big help to Customs in weathering through difficult times and living with the unknown new normal in the post-epidemic era.
          During the conference, NUCTECH demonstrated its advanced inspection products and solutions for Customs to delegates by playing promotional videos and setting up a virtual booth.
          The WCO TECH-CON, as a platform for the WCO and its 182 members to discuss cutting-edge information technology issues, is held once a year and attracts widespread attention and active participation from Customs of many countries. The conference this year was changed to an online conference for the first time due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and more than 1,300 people registered to attend. The conference has enhanced NUCTECH’s cooperation with the World Customs Organization and further strengthened NUCTECH’s visibility and influence among Customs around the world.